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22 Love Poems

Ojai local and Poet Gina Nemo will be heading our first event in 2017. Nemo has three poetry books out (Strings, Scarlet, and Carousel that were published by MCI) and also has poetry audio releases on itunes (Strings, Swoop, Serenade) all released on G Plan Music. Her newest haiku collection is out now. Gina just completed her first film about poetry called VOICES and it has been submitted to many film festivals including The Sundance Film Festival, Santa Barbara International Festival and more. She is most known for her early television career where she won an Emmy and also for her award-wining song SALTWATER from her album CICADA.

We will be having our first Poetry event in Ventura in early 2017. Feel free to email us at or message here if you want to be involved. Book releases, press and more will also be showcased here. More details to follow.

22 Love Poems: 22 Romantic Poems for 22 Lovers on Valentine’s Day.

Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: 22 Love Poems

Author: Gina Nemo

Publisher: Zava Poetry

Date of Publication: 2017

Pages: 32

“Hang each night, in rapture.
In rapture.”
- from Rapture by Debbie Harry and Blondie

“You will always be
My endless love”
- from Endless Love by Lionel Richie/Diana Ross

What makes the world go ‘round but love, love, love? 22 Love Poems: 22 Romantic Poems for 22 Lovers on Valentine’s Day by Gina Nemo rocs in white girl rap love poetry. The universal theme of forever love spins in, with this New Age progression of the beat. There is something timeless about the magic of love poetry that exists in the hearts and minds of people on the journey, love as the desired paradise of healing, belonging and arrival that entrances people into the place of poetry. 22 Love Poems, a selection of poems from the books of poetry, Scarlet and Carousel, this is a sweetheart pocketbook collection, that perfect gift of love for someone special on St. Valentine’s Day. Gina Nemo (Poet, Writer, Actress, Teacher, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Director, Marketing Director, Hollywood Palindrome) lives and works in California. She was a co-star of the popular television show 21 Jump Street for which she won an Emmy. She has written 5 books of poetry, produced 3 audiobooks, 3 CD's of music, and produced the movie VOICES about contemporary Poets, amongst other projects.

The love elixir in dreamworks, the worship of the resident love god, these sensual poetry offerings are the essential Gina Nemo. The poetry is a New Age gift, that plays within the shadows, within the light of love, a song of the American carousel. The passion and the mystery entwine, resounding with enchantment, the images are woven with the fury of the natural world, the storms, the currents of oceans and the fire inside the romance of longtime love.


The center
Where we are
Igniting stars
From our hearts
Stealing dreams
Yours and mine
Walking on light
Looking for calm
Bringing our souls
From dusk ‘til dawn

You are the nucleus
Of my deepest thoughts
Where time escapes
And life grows branches
That lead us right back
Where we started

Walk with me
To the center of time
Where everything else
Means nothing
We are here
Nowhere else to go

Passion, love and lust
In the nucleus of us.”

The song is a white girl rap beat, with short staccato lines that rhyme almost every second line, a flow of broken and light that calls on the heavens for happiness in love. Rapture by Debbie Harry and Blondie was the first rap song to gain international attention by scoring number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1981. This was the first white girl rap song, a funk/punk mix that entranced the world and sky rolled rap and hip hop music into popularity. 22 Love Poems is an American girl adventure in romance inside the cosmos, the heat, the love, the magic in rap poetry, a New Age innovation in form.


We are like
An explosion
Like a season
That lasts
All yearlong
We are like
Warm water
With music floating
On an endless
Love song
We are like
Smoke and fire
Igniting clouds
They carry us
As our heat
Travels along.”

The poetry riffs on hope and dreamspeak, the incredible light in broken places, celebrating the ancient pagan rites of the season of love. With the steady rhythm and rhyme, casting a magic spell for forever love. This brilliant pocketbook in the Beat tradition, transforms into the New Age poetic Muse, is a celebration of St. Valentine’s Day, the day of lovers. Shaking out the cold of winter, wrapped in a blanket by the fire with a hot drink and 22 Love Poems by Gina Nemo. Love . . . love in the third degree.

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GINA NEMO: Book of Haikus.

Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: GINA NEMO: Book of Haikus

Author: Gina Nemo

Publisher: Zava Poetry

Date of Publication: 2016

Pages: 191

“Laughin’ on the bus, playing games with the faces
She said the man with the gabardine suit was a spy
I said be careful, his bowtie is really a camera . . .
They’ve all come to look for America”
- from America by Paul Simon

GINA NEMO: Book of Haikus, Dreamland America, authentic haiku poetry from America’s sweetheart Gina Nemo. Gina Nemo is a Poet/Writer/Award-Winning Singer and Music Producer/Filmmaker/Actress/Producer/Director, a Hollywood palindrome. She was the co-star of the television series “21 Jump Street” for which she won an Emmy Award and has been on stage and screen since a child. Currently, her film "VOICES" about New Age cutting edge Poets and their poetry was submitted to The Santa Barbara International Film Festival and The Sundance Film Festival. She has written 3 books of poetry, Strings (2013), Scarlet (2014) and Carousel (2015) with magical audiobooks Strings (2014), Swoop (2015), and Serenade (2015).

The Japanese tradition of Haiku is enjoying a Renaissance in Western culture as many Poets pick up their pen to write in this enigmatic form. First popularized in Japan by Matsuo Basho in the 1700’s, this beautiful nature imagery driven form in few words, is fantastical weaving light into darkness, in a breath. Poet Nemo was writing an Haiku every day for a year, a celebration of her life’s journey and arts calling, this is a compilation of her Haiku writing practice. She is the wise child with a magical representation of life in the everyday, through the enigmatic presentation there are glimpses of happenings, the day, thoughts, a certain photograph in time. Little girl lost, little girl found, falling into sunshine, a journal of days.


Dancing in her dreams

Wishing she could fly to him

Race the bluest sky"


She is dressed to dance

Fire inside her slippers

Currents in her heart"

The images are based in romance with elements of nature and often with the themes of art, time and truth. There is great joy and happiness, but on the edge is the shadowland America, the undertoad of violence in serial love relationships.


She wanted roses

He gave her lots of lilies

They floated with love"


Time is like a dream

It disappears with journeys

Ends up in your heart"

The Haiku form is for the most part traditional Haiku in 17 syllables, 5 – 7 – 5. Also, most of the Haiku rhyme regularly in rhyming couplets at the end of the poem. As if East meets West, the traditional Haiku form with elements of the rhyme of Shakespearean sonnets, the Haiku become, a mix of romance and white pagan magic for true love.

Gina Nemo, glimpses of her everyday, romance and art, a celebration of American girl nation in Haiku poetic form. And love into the long night, GINA NEMO: Book of Haikus.

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